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Are the Tory Burch Miller Shoes “worth it?”

Are the Tory Burch Miller Shoes “worth it?”

This blog post idea came to me sitting outside relaxing at the pool and I looked down at my feet in my Tory Burch Sandals. After owning them for over a year and a half, it's dawned on me how often I wear them. For example, to the pool :) (Yes, I realize it’s December and most of you are probably bundled up in boots drinking cocoa ... #floridalife) 


I don’t want you to take this the wrong way- I don’t have so many pairs of these that it’s easy for me to just nonchalantly put them on and go to the pool! In fact my pair is in need of replacing because I wear them so so much.   

 It occurred to me that when I was initially deciding to take the plunge on these sandals, there was not much information out there (besides store web reviews) on whether or not these shoes would hold up to the hype. They are SO expensive at $195! But are they worth it?

Yesssss! At least to me, they are 100% worth the money. 

  1. The Tory Burch Miller Sandal has been a pretty stable piece from them for a while now. Every season they release the same shoe, new colors or textures but it’s the same idea. Back when I was first looking they were relatively new but it seemed like everyone had them. This may not be your style to get something everyone has... but maybe I can provide some insight on to why that didn’t really bother me.   
  2. Purchase a pair in a neutral color, black or the “sandy” color. This way you will never know how old they are, and they will truly be a “classic” in your wardrobe. I actually purchased mine in June 2016 and they still LOOK new! Which to me is a great testament of how well they wear.  
  3. They basically replace any situation where you would wear a flip flop and instantly dress it up. When I first purchased there was more cushion in the foot-bed, which has worn down from regular wear but I wear them several times a week living in FL now. 
  4. They match everything! If you go with the true classics: black or sand. I personally prefer the patent leather but that’s just me:) When I say everything, it’s true! You can wear them with jeans and a dressy blouse, shorts and a tank top, a sundress, or cover up and bikini. And more! They make every outfit look chic and more put together - and they flatter your feet as well:)
  5. All day long comfort. I have worn these on shopping trips, vacations, work days, and even walked around Disney in them. Now that the cushion has worn down significantly I am noticing that I can’t stand/walk in them as long as before which is why I am probably going to have to retire these soon. I have gotten ample use out of them and probably down to $2/wear. Which is amazing!! 

I hope this this has helped you in learning a little bit about this shoe if you were on the fence in purchasing like I was! I purchased mine at Nordstrom but you can buy them direct from Tory Burch or Saks I think has them too! 

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